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WordPress Quick Installation Tutorials

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WordPress Quick Installation Tutorials

WordPress now the most content management software for blogging and it is widely use because of it’s easy installation. some of the hosting companies helps you to install WordPress with just a few clicks without any coding knowledge. Installing WordPress can takes less than two minutes under a good circumstance. In this WordPress installation tutorial my focus is on beginners and advanced users alike. I will be showing you how to install WordPress using Softaculous using control panel.

Requirements For Installing WordPress (CMS).

For Any WordPress Installation you need a registered domain name and a  good web hosting that offers a Cpanel option. These are some of the best web hosting companies that you can register with.


I will recommend because they have the lowest price when it comes to hosting the good news is their prices are locked and also gives free SSl for Https websites. 

Now lets start with our installation now that you have a domain name and a web hosting, we will first login to our control panel where we can locate the installation files. if you you don’t know how to find your Cpanel try these, and then login in with your Cpanel credentials or contact your service provider.


Now that you have logged into your Cpanel area scroll down till you locate the softaculous installation icons, click on the WordPress installation icon.


Moving on from step 1 continue by selecting the install now button which will allow us to setup up our site in a moment.


In step 3 we need to setup our site protocol, if your hosting comes with  an SSl certification then you can either https// or https// but if you don’t have the SSl certification then choose from http// or http// or you can ask your service provider for more on SSL certificate. now you can select your domain from the choose domain section and the last setting of this step is very important, in directory is where your WordPress installation files will reside and it’s important you choose well. if your if you want to install directly to the root folder, ie. root/ then delete the wp and leave it empty but if you want the installation files in folder inside your root then you can change wp to your preferred name ie. root/wp/ the choice is yours


Now enter your site and and the slogan of your site in the form below.


The admin account settings enable you to set your user name and password you will use to login to your WordPress dashboard, so it is important to choose an username and password you will remember, the admin email is the default email used by WordPress to send notifications and future updates.


The step is where we setup up our database name and table prefix. it is important to give your database and the table a unique name for easy accessibility when you want make any changes in the near future. so go ahead and change it to what ever name you want. you can also experiment with the other options depending on your preferences.


this is the last and final part of our WordPress installation, with all set press on the install button and sit back as the installation takes place.


A screen will appear after a successful installation indicating that your you have website is now ready to run WordPress. you can use the links provided after the installation to view either the frontend or the admin area. Go on and view your website.

A you can see it’s easy to install WordPress using softaculous, don’t worry these applies to every hosting using Cpanel. I hope you find these tutorial useful.

If you like this tutorial please don't go without sharing and please drop you comments below let me know how helpful this tutorial has been to you.

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