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How To Create Your Own Layer Styles In Photoshop

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How To Create Your Own Layer Styles In Photoshop

How To Create Your Own Layer Styles In Photoshop

Photoshop layer styles can help you achieve wonderful designs when the styles are used well. There are 2 main options for applying layer styles: create your own or use predetermined ones. Let’s start with the first option.

Method 1

  • Open Photoshop and create a new project.
  • Select the text tool and type a word inside the canvas.
  • go the layer panel and select the text layer you just created
  • navigate to the bottom of the layer panel and click the FX symbol.
  • Choose from the list to open the styles panel.
  • Select any of the styles on the left side and change the option values on the right set the style you want.
  • You can add multiple layers styles by clicking the plus sign next to each effect.

Keep in mind, you can’t use them all at once without changing the blending mode. For example, you can’t have both Color Overlay and Gradient enabled because the first one will completely “cover” the second. Thus you will only see Color Overlay. If you want to combine them, then use a different blend mode for Color Overlay.

  • Click new Style to open the save style dialog box.
  • Enter the name of the new style and if you want to include the blending options as well. A great feature for your workflow!
  • Enter the name of your style and save. 
  • Go to the main menu choose Window => Styles 
  • Look through the style panel and you will find your saved style.

Method 2

  • Search the web for Photoshop styles preset.
  • download and double click on the .asl files, this will make Photoshop immediately load your new styles in your panel.
  • You can also click on dropdown arrow on at right top of the style panel
  • Select load styles and navigate to the downloaded .asl file and double click on it.
  • Click on append to add the new preset to the existing one in the panel.
  • Click on Ok to replace the existing styles in the panel
  • After you’ve added layer styles to your objects, you can copy-paste them onto other layers. Keep in mind you can copy a layer style only if you have one layer selected. If you have multiple ones selected, you won’t have that option available.

And that’s all there is to layer styles in Photoshop. Make sure you use them to speed up your workflow but try not to rely on them too much, as they can make you rather lazy.

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