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Creating Smart Object In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

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Creating Smart Object In Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Adobe photoshop is one of the most advance designing application and with the right tools you can create beautifying designs. In this tutorial am going to show you how to show you 4 easy steps in creating a smart object in adobe photoshop. below image show the a sample of a Smart Object applied to the layer.

First of all, lets learn what a smart object is.  Is a container that house the contents of a layer. This container protects the contents inside it from any kind of harm. any smart object file can distorted, transform, apply filter and manipulate it in any way without it losing it’s quality and without making a single permanent change to the layer inside it. Smart objects also allows us to duplicates the same content and when one of the layers is either edited or replaced, the changes takes effect immediately in each duplicates.This makes smart objects a good for templates that can be reuse

Lets start by opening our Adobe Photoshop and import a picture.

Photoshop interface

I have open my adobe photoshop interface and imported a cinema 4d picture I created. we’re going to convert this picture into a smart object using the these four methods below. 

Method 1 : Using The Selection tool In Active Mode

Locate the tool bar on the left side of the panel and click on the (Marquee tool, the Lasso Tools or the Quick Selection Tool) which will enable the layer for creating the smart object.

Now move your cursor to the main canvas which contains the image and right-click and choose Convert to Smart Object. windows users can hold on control and click on the image for the option menu. All the selection tools have the option of converting any object to smart Object excerpt the magic wand.

Method 2: Using The Layer Menu On The Main Menu Bar

Another way of creating a Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop is by using the layer menu on the main menu bar, Click on the layer as you see above and move down to Smart Objects and the choose Convert to Smart Objects.

If you check very well, you might see a little bit of change on your image at the right down corner like a file that’s the symbol of a Smart Object.

Method 3: Using The Layer Panel Menu

Navigate to the layer panel and at the right top corner you see an arrow pointing downwards, click on it.

Now choose Convert to Smart Object from the option menu and instantly the smart object icon is applied to it.

Method 4: By Using The Layer Itself

The more easy way to convert an object to a smart object is to select the layer and then by right clicking on the highlighted layer an option menu will appear. 

Now from the option menu choose Convert to Smart Object and then you will see the Smart Object icon applied to the picture.

Now in conclusion I hope these four method of Converting an Object to a Smart Object will help you in your designs.

If you like this tutorial please don't go without sharing and please drop you comments below let me know how helpful this tutorial has been to you.

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