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Bullet Modeling In C4D Using Lathe Tutorials

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Bullet Modeling In C4D Using Lathe Tutorials

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to use the lathe object to create a bullet in a simple way. this method of modeling can be use to create lots of objects other than bullets. Lathe modelling has a lot of advantage when it comes to using spline to create a model. 


  • Open the cinema 4D application.
  • Navigate to the option tab on the viewport menu bar.
  • choose configure or configure all from the drop down menu.


  • Switch to the front view of your viewport.
  • Navigate to the bottom right corner of the application.
  • under the background tab click the button associated with image.
  • navigate to where you have stored your bullet image and import it which will server as a guide in modeling the bullet. 


  • Select the pen tool and create an outline around the image as seen
  • make sure the to start from the under middle part of the bullet.
  • After creating the outline, select all points and right click on any part of the screen then choose soft interpolation which will make the edges of the points a little bit softer.


  • Navigate back to the middle bar menu.
    Select lathe from the dropdown menu.


  • On the prodject panel drag the spline and make it a child of the Lathe.
  • Now inside the perspective viewport you can see the shape of the bullet.
  • For it to look realistic we need to apply material to it.
  • select the lathe and press C on the keyboard to make it editable.
  • right click again on the lathe and select children fron the option.
  • Right click on the Lathe one more time and choose connect object + delete.
  • now we have one single object.


  • This step requires more attension.
  • Switch back to the front viewport 
  • Select the polygon surface tool. 
  • then use the rectangular selection tool to select the upper part of the bullet.
  • Now with the upper part still selected navigate to the top menu and click on the select tab.
  • choose from the dropdown set selection option.


  • To set the material for the upper part and bottom part
  • you can create your own custom material but for the sack of this tutorial i will use the inbuilt cinema 4d metal texture.
  • navigate to the content browser and select prime => Material => Metal.
  • Choose which material you want to use for your bullet.
  • then apply to the bullet, you must choose two different material for top and down.


  • Select the upper material in the project panel as shown in the picture below.
  • then hold and drag the triangle which is represent the set selection we applied to the upper part early on.
  • place it inside the the selection box of the top material as shown in the picture above
  • it will seperate the top material from the bottom material.


  • Now set some lights and camera to your preference.
  • Go to render settings on the middle menu bar.
  • Click on the effect button and choose ambient occlusion and global illumination for the option.
  • set the anti aliasing to best. close the dialog box.
  • now if you click on render you will have something similar to mine or even better depending on you lights and render settings. 


This is the final product of this tutorial. I hope you find it helpful and you were able to follow to get your desire results. this tutorial is very basic and simple. In conclusion you can use this method in creating  objects such as bottles, cups and any design object you want.

Final Image

If you like this tutorial please don't go without sharing and please drop you comments below let me know how helpful this tutorial has been to you.

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