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Activating And Installing Plugins In WordPress

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Activating And Installing Plugins In WordPress

In this tutorial I will be showing you 3 methods of installing and activating a WordPress plugin. These three methods has been proven to be helpful in all circumstances. It is easy and takes just a step to achieve. Now let’s get on with this tutorial.

Method 1: Using WordPress built-in Plugin installer .


  • First of all you must have the admin rights to be able to login into the admin section of WordPress 
  • Navigate to the left side of the admin bar menu
  • Select plugins => add new.
  • search for the particular plugin
  • click install to begin the installation
  • After the installation click activate to activate the plugin.
  • Locate the plugin on the WordPress sidebar on the left.

Method 2: Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


  • You must have at least have one ftp application install and using filezilla for this tutorial.
  • Enter the domain name, ftp username and the password. (FTP login credentials are different from the WordPress admin login credentials, if you have it then ask your service provider for it).
  • Click on connections then sit back for the application to load the appropriate folders.


  • Locate the public_html folder from the list of folders and click to open.
  • Find wp-content => plugins and click to open.
  • Open the folder that contains the plugin on your system.
  • Unzip the the downloaded zip file.
  • Drag only the plugin folder into the plugin folder inside the ftp application 
  • Always keep an eye the bottom part of the application as the transfer is ongoing, some files might not be transfered and you need to reschedule them and run it again. 


  • Now go back to your WordPress admin dashboard 
  • Select installed plugins.
  • Find the plugin click activate.
  • Go to the plugin settings page by locating it on the left sidebar.

Method 3: Uploading Using Control Panel (Cpanel)


  • Login to your cpanel at with you cpanel login credentials. Remember cpanel credentials are not the same as WordPress admin login credentials.  Ask your service provider for more information. 
  • Open the file manager locate inside the cpanel.
  • Locate public_html folder and click on it.
  • Find wp-content and click to open.
  • Open the plugin folder.
  • Click on upload on the main menu bar
  • Click on the select file button.
  • Navigate to the location of you downloaded zip file on your system select it and click open.
  • Wait until the upload is complete.


  • On completion you see a green progress bar indicating success. 
  • Go back to the previous tab where you uploaded the zip file.
  • Click reload from the second menu bar for the page to refresh.
  • Right click on the zip file to extract it.


  • Now go back to your WordPress admin dashboard 
  • Go t to Plugins => Installed plugins
  • Find the plugin and click activate to activate the plugin.
  • Find the plugin and set it accordingly

Thank you for going through these tutorial and I hope it has benefited you and you were able to install and activate your plugin successfully.

Alexander Sowah is a Web Developer/Designer, Social Media Strategist, Video Editor and Animator. For any Of This Services Call Call/WhatsApp: +233244033014

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