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3d Logo Modelling Using Cinema 4d and Illustrator

3d and Video

3d Logo Modelling Using Cinema 4d and Illustrator

3d Logo Modelling Using Cinema 4d and Illustrator

In this tutorial I will show you how to combine Illustrator and Cinema 4D to create your 3d logos. first of all we will to design our logo from Illustrator and save it as outlines and import into Cinema 4d and then extrude it to have a 3d look. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Saving the Illustrator file 

  • After designing your logo in Illustrator.
  • Go to File => Save
  • Name your file and press ok
  • Choose Illustrator version 8 and save it
  • Click Ok despite the warning.

Step 2:  Importing the Illustrator file into Cinema 4D

  • Open Cinema 4D and go to File => Merge.
  • Choose the saved Illustrator file and import it.
  • leave the scale to 1 and click Ok.
  • Select the imported logo and go to the coordinate tab at the bottom
  • Change all the position values to 0 ( this will set the logo at the centre of the project)

Step 2: Adding depth to our outlines

There is two ways we can do this depending on what you will use it for

  • First of all expand the file you imported using the plus sign.
  • drag all the path outside the parent file.
  • Create extrude for each file
  • Make the paths child of the extrude.
  • Use the property panel below to style your logo (give it more depth, choose to use a cap or fillet cap)
  • drag any of the extruded outline on the  Z axis that you want to appear in front like the image below

Step 3: Setting up materials and lights

  • you can set up your own lights and material to suit you preferences
  • I have included the material and light setup I used in this tutorial which you can download
  • download the zip file and extract it.
  • go to File => Merge
  • Locate the extract file and import into cinema 4d.
  • position the lights to fit your scene.
  • Apply the materials.
  • Go to render settings => Effect => Ambient Occlusion and Globle Illumination
  • Go to Anti-Aliasing => Choose best instead of Geometry. 
  • Leave the rest of the settings and click Ok

If you follow the above instruction very well, you logo will look very nice and you can render it. this is my final render, I hope yours also look very catching.

If you like this tutorial please don't go without sharing and please drop you comments below let me know how helpful this tutorial has been to you.

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